Video / LED wall projection, 95 hours
Karin Hoerler  2006

Matryoshka, that's what the Russian dolls are called - for me a symbol of the fact that every outside contains an inside, which in turn could contain something more deeply hidden. The film, which was conceived for 95 hours, ran for five days during the Luminale 2006 on the 100 square meter LED wall of the Dresden Kleinwort-Wasserstein building in Frankfurt am Main. The sequences of the film shown are based on a single private photo. You can see a boy riding a bicycle,
a street row, houses, garages, sky.
However, the multi-layered artistic processing creates a very complex visual structure that makes visible piece by piece a system of signs intrinsic to things, its abstract pattern. When trying to decipher these cryptogra- phies, the viewer realizes that the sense and nonsense of these messages are at his discretion. Towards the end of the film, the supposedly real opening image has almost completely dissolved in favor of a composi- tion of colors and shapes.