Knight of Form
video, 12 min, colour, no sound
Karin Hoerler, 2019

The basis of the video KNIGHT OF FORM is plastic waste, packaging of products, which we dispose of unnoticed, as well as my own landscape photographs, land- scapes with people, animals, plants and things in which I let Don Quixote experi- ence his adventures.

All these reprensentations are subjects
to a romanticization. We wish for small mediveal villages with happy hand-milked cows and meadows in front of houses in charming, intact nature, just as Don Quijote wishes for reality as an idealized world of knights and believes in this illusion.

This difference between illusion and reality leads to a lot of argument and suffering, but is not devoid of comedy.
This film allows several points of view. On the first simple level, he recounts the adventures of Don Quixote, on a second other level, it is about two-dimensional forms of representation of the world in which we live. The very differently depicted landscapes say something about our view of the world and how the respective view can change or cement our social reality.

A pictorial language is also a language and just as the basis of every language is a grammar that we are usually not aware of, and so we carry an unconscious visual language within us that only makes the foundations of our feeling and thinking visible by recognizing this grammar.
For example, we hold the view that only a central perspective representation is the correct representation of three dimensions in two-dimensionality and everything else is naïve or something like artistic freedom. I draw on various image grammars and thus question this view.